Stadium “Khimik” is one of the largest sport and cultural centers in Russia. The outdoor stadium has a rink of total area over 7700 square meters, and the indoor stadium has an ice rink of total area over 6600 square meters, both stadiums can seat about 20 thousand spectators all at once. They combine a unique complex both for training and performance; there is one of the largest ice hockey rinks in the world. Traditionally, Bandy Championship of Russia matches and major international competitions take place here. In 2007, “Khimik” hosted the World Championship, for which the stands for spectators and under-stands spaces were renovated and new up-to-date scoreboard was installed.

In 2003, a compressor station for production of artificial ice was installed at “Khimik”. The unique cooling system allows using one refrigerating station for simultaneous cooling of two large ice rinks, and operates from September to April at a daily average temperature not more than +15°С (for the outdoor ice rink); no restrictions for the indoor ice rink.

Moreover, “Freecooling” system has no equivalents. It is based on using natural cold of the outdoor rink for the indoor rink cooling during the winter period operation. A modern system of water conditioning permits to make high quality “quick” ice that is always highly appreciated by sportsmen and Russian and European couches.


Over two years the Stadium implements the Lean Manufacturing in all areas. Development and application of new technologies for ice rink cooling (such as natural cold use, differentiated approach to the production facilities capacity utilization), led to electricity consumption reduction by 30%. As a result, the stadium won the All-Russian Competition “The Best Enterprise 2011”.

Since 2011, Research and Development have been adopted by the Stadium technical and engineering services. For this purpose, a training and consulting center “Intelligent ice” was created on the basis of the Stadium. The main activity of the Centre is training and professional development of ice resurfacers, i.e. the specialists with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for production and maintenance of ice surfaces of the outdoor and indoor rinks and for running of special equipment aimed to ice a surface and to ensure an essential interaction within technical services for an effective ice rink operation.